Welcome to the SSS web !

  Scientific Supply Services is a highly specialised company dedicated to offering superior
  support in niche markets in Chromatography and related disciplines. We do not collect
  agencies but try to the best of our ability to do justice to our loyal principals.

  We are situated in Johannesburg, South Africa but have trained and supported customers
  in sub-Saharan Africa as well as the Indian Ocean Islands.  In addition we have delivered
  and commissioned a Trace Gas Analysis system for a gas facility in Phoenix, Arizona
in the USA.

  Training has always been a priority at SSS.   Regular hands-on courses are offered and  
  the range is expanding every year. Follow the training link on the top menu bar for more
  details and the latest schedules. 

  We also manufacture specialised Inlet Systems for sample introduction of gases and
  semi-gaseous mixtures. These systems can be adapted for static & dynamic sampling. 
  This has led to numerous at-line systems being developed by SSS.

  Please follow the links on the top menu bar for details information on our products and