Scientific Supply Services is an OEM distributor for
  Vici and an accredited distributor for all Varian/Chrompack
  consumables including:

    1)  Vici Valves and GC Detectors
    2)  Precision Sampling Syringes
     3)  ChromPerfect data Systems 
    4)  Hamilton Syringes 
    5)  SGE Syringes & Supplies 
    6)  National Scientific Vials, Septa, Syringe Filters
          Caps etc.
     7)  Bohlender Teflon Products 
     8)  GL Science Leak Detectors  
    9)  Specialised and Refurbished Instruments
10) Chrompack Capillary Columns
11) Renishaw Raman Spectrometers
12) UCT Solid Phase Extraction
    13) Nikepal Syringes


Trace gas analysers