About SSS
  Scientific Supply Services cc was registered in 1989, but only really entered
  the market in 1998. The company is run by Eleanor Swinley.

  John Swinley consults to leading South African companies that include essential
  industries in petrochemistry, nuclear engineering, power distribution, gas suppliers, 
  pharmaceutical manufacturers, research organizations and polymer/plastic
  manufacturers and users. T
echnical support has recently been  greatly bolstered
  by the addition of Rouan Volsteedt.


  Extensive experience in Comprehensive GC x GC.

  SSS is contracted to Leco for GC support on their Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
  Systems.  During a recent installation in South Africa, we were extensively involved
  in optimising Comprehensive GC x GC methods and interpretation of the data.


  SSS is extensively involved in developing on-line sampling systems for preserving
  the sample integrity between plant and analytical systems.   Several innovative
  systems are already in operation and new developments are being implemented.

  On 1st July 2007, John Swinley sold Scientific Supply Services cc to Rouan Volsteedt as a going concern. All customers as well as principals hardly noticed any change as telephone numbers, fax number, postal address, physical address and even the bank account number all remained the same. The only personnel change was that Eleanor Swinley moved away from the day-to-day running of the office and concentrated on Rouan’s financial affairs.

John Swinley remains with SSScc for one year’s transition period and then will work on a consultancy and project basis. The well-known SSS Training courses were designed and put together between John and Piet de Coning. A new company, Chromatography Consultants cc (C4) has been formed to handle all future courses and is run by Eleanor who will be responsible for all registrations and administration. Her new e-mail address is: C4training@vodamail.co.za , telephone number is 011-4768377 and fax number 086-6179285.
Registration forms and the course calendar are still available on the SSScc website, thanks to the kind co-operation of Rouan.

John and Rouan are proud recipients of Sasol R&D’s “SERVICE TEAM OF THE YEAR 2007”. For several years SSS has contracted to Sasol Technology in Sasolburg for Chromatography services including method development. On-line systems have been installed and automated to the point where analyses for a range of sources are started during the night and the appropriate streams are selected and analysed prior to operation intervention.



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